Pantry Organization Tips & Ideas

Organizing the kitchen is one of the most important things anyone can do to stay sane while cooking. Anything from the efficient placement of utensils, cookware, and furniture to the pantry closet determine your personal success in the kitchen.

But what about managing the nitty gritty pantry items, non-perishables, or fresh grocery goods? Constantly managing your kitchen grocery inventory is a bit of a puzzle.

Pantry Organization Tips & Ideas

  • Organize Your Spice Rack
  • Keep A Shelf for Baking Essentials
  • Use Your Mobile Phone to Manage Your Pantry Inventory
  • Keep Your Snacks Limited

1. Organize Your Spice Rack

Spice rack, anyone? Separating goods by use frequency is essential, so we have one tip for you: keep everything you use the most frequently in one area. Those are the often the basics:

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Ginger
  • Cumin
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Paprika
  • Curry
  • Olive Oil

Check out our complete Spice Rack Essentials to save all of the most important spice rack items directly into your Out of Milk account. 

2. Keep Baking Essentials Together

Organizing by intended use keeps it easy for your to track all of the items you need to replace when you need to replace them. Never be without a grocery item again!

Check out our Baking Essentials Grocery List Template to add all of the baking items to your grocery list

3. Use a Mobile App to Manage Your Pantry 

Every had too much flour? What about that sugar you forgot about? Or maybe you went to make some curry and realized your curry powder is months out of date?

No longer! The Out of Milk mobile app include a pantry list, which allows you to track all of the items in your pantry.

Running low on an item? Scan the barcode and add it automatically to your grocery list, so that you don’t forget the next time you go to the store!

Get the app on Android here

Get the app on iOS here

4. Keep Your Snacks Limited

All too often, the pantry closet is stuffed with an assortment of snacking options. It can get messy, simply put.

To avoid clutter, keep your snack categories simple, non-perishable, and healthy!

Check out our list of non-perishable essentials

Using Your Phone To Manage Your Pantry

No matter how much you organize your pantry, there will always be the issue of managing pantry items that need to be replaced. To prevent the issue of spoilage or missing an essential baking item or spice when it is time to cook, you can compile a list of all of your pantry items and mark when they are replenished or when they need to be put into your grocery list.

You can do all of this on your mobile device with the Out of Milk app on Android and iOS and it is very simple and intuitive.

What are the Benefits of using a pantry organizer app?

Share Your Pantry List

  • Add Items from History
  • Sort Categories
  • Manage Inventory Efficiently

Syncing a sharable shopping list inside of an app is part of the core-functionality of the Out of Milk mobile app. With your family or friends, you can share lists between devices in one simple and intuitive grocery list & pantry list app.

Once you have pantry list items, you are able to replenish your lists based on previous entries, so it essentially acts as a pantry management and tracking app. Making managing your inventory much simpler!

Keep your pantry storage simple and effect. By documenting your pantry as categories in the Out of Milk app, you can organize the shopping you need to do for each pantry shelf.

With each kitchen pantry shelf represented as a category, it is easy to manage your pantry organization on your phone. For each item that is running low, you can add directly to your shopping list to ensure you never run out of groceries.

Organize and manage your pantry easily